Do wigs come bleached and pre plucked ?

All wigs are bleached and pre plucked .

How long is shipping? 

Tracking numbers are sent out within a timely manner. Wigs are handmade and take at most 7 days to complete. 

How to clean wig after wear?

Gently pour a quarter size amount of shampoo in hand and lather on the lace where glue or adhesive was placed. Rinse only lace with water . If the locs/ braids get wet it is fine. 

How long do wigs last?

They can last 1-2 years all depends on how often you wear it and the up keep of it. Wigs are very versatile, not only can they be worn as loc/ braided wigs but extensions can be removed, wig can be washed and styled as a bob. 

Can I customize a wig? 

If you do not see a style, length, or color you prefer you may email inquires to braidsandlocsbyap@yahoo.com with request and allow a 24-48 hour response in regards to request.